What is the Vigilantes de la Noche project?

A citizen science project in which measurements of the brightness of the sky bottom are taken to assess the impact of light pollution.

Entities that support it

  • Discover Foundation. Andalusian Foundation for the dissemination of Innovation and Knowledge.
  • Federation of Astronomical Associations of Spain (FAAE).
  • Andalusian Network of Astronomy (RAdA).
  • Cel Fosc, Association against Light Pollution.
  • What are your main objectives?

  • Raise awareness of the importance of preserving dark skies.
  • Raise awareness about energy saving, with the consequent decrease in economic spending, and its consequent involvement in the overall improvement of the environment.
  • Raise awareness about the negative impact on health caused by inadequate exposure to artificial light at night.
  • Facilitate the collaboration of citizens in the massive acquisition of measures of the brightness of the background of the night sky anywhere on Earth.
  • Make the data collected available to the scientific community that investigates in terms of light pollution, the institutions and authorities involved in solving this serious problem and the general public so that they can work with the data locally or in a wider sector.

  • Although these are observations made with the naked eye, the collection of a large number of them has a relevant scientific value capable of complementing the information collected with other instruments.

    How can we participate?

    Participation is completely free and free and you don't need any astronomical instruments, it is enough with your eyes. The process is very easy and on this page we explain the steps to follow.